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Pro Tip: Kettle Corn  

I hate throwing out Kettle Corn. You know how it is, you stop in Linville and pick up a bag of delicious Kettle Corn, and you decide it's too close to lunchtime, and you go on your way. Then you don't have a chance to open the bag for a few days, and when you do, it's chewy, not crunchy. Disappointing.

Well, try heating that kettle corn in a 200˚F oven for 15 minutes! I'd say it's 98% back to fresh!


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Memories of Love
The walkers

Mom and Dad got a rep as the most romantic couple in our area. Our twisty mountain road has a straightaway that starts right by their driveway, and they would walk the quarter mile for their exercise, holding hands. Locals would stop and talk when they were out.

A photographer chanced on them one day, and took some pictures; we now have copies, and a warm memory of their love.

Feb 14, 22/ Ric Kolseth/ RightBar/