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My salvation testimony

I am trusting in Christ's sacrifice and His resurrection as revealed to me in the Holy Bible for my personal immortality.

In the early 60's, my family began attending an independent Baptist Church; in the years prior, they were nominal Christians; my Dad has mentioned that JFK's assassination shook him out of his complacency, and got him to investigate spiritual things. He went forward during an invitation one Sunday, and at age 8, I followed him.

I don't really remember much about that day (after all, it was almost half a century ago) but I do remember being a skeptic, even then: it was a Baptist Church, during the 60's, after all; they must have used the 4 Spiritual Laws, and asked me to commit my life to God, to believe in Him. I remember wishing they could prove this Christianity stuff to be true. But I must have made a decision, because God has witnessed with my spirit ever since, that I am one of His.

I was baptized shortly thereafter as an affirmation of that belief. Over the years since, despite the efforts of teachers in the public school system, humanistic philosophy, the media and the bad examples of many professing Christians, I know that God is faithful, and powerful enough to preserve me and to preserve His Word in order that I may know what I need to know about Him.

"Unfortunately", I can't point to a dramatic test of my faith; I have had various ups and down in my life, but the bad stuff, to be honest, is pretty much my own fault. Unpleasant things have happened to me: I have lost jobs, even lost a child, but I can't really even call that a tragedy: I know that I shall meet her again one day. I know my own weakness, and I also know that it is God's hand that each day, makes me able to remain faithful to Him.

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