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The Magical Mystery Tour
Typesetting and Computer Graphics
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NCHE 2004 Conference Booklet downloadable below

Auto Showroom (complete production pre-press since mid '90's) We put out a book every 3 weeks. Also designed and host HCAutos.com

Designed and produced the Ashe Arts Companion (pdf, 1.6mb) for myself, and other similar newsletters for Drury Publishing . This issue I did the whole shooting match: photography, copywriting and design as well as typesetting. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Of course, various brochures & catalogues over the years...

Ad Design: for most Ashe County, NC publications:

Mountain Times

Mountain Memoirs

Good News, etc.

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Some examples are here at lostprovince.net

Logo & Business Identity:


Fastransit (a local ISP)

You can explore more of my illustration at lostprovince.net

Flashes From Genesis are some technical illustrations I did with Illustrator.

A poster design for Ashe Little Theatre's production of Snow White ...


Mountain Times, Ashe Edition: numerous stories for the newspaper over four or five years.

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